Traveler, Know Thyself

galapagos turtleHi. Welcome to Short Visits Travel. I might have named this site The Reluctant Blogger (which is probably taken already), because it wasn’t my idea to start a travel blog. My husband suggested I start my own site after contributing a few travel articles to his Spanish-language site. . . and here I am.

The quote at the top of the photo is my travel motto, and this site was initially created to help you find and design a short vacation, whether it’s for a day, a long weekend, or several days; and whether it’s close to home or on another continent. It has roots in several trips our family has taken, in particular a trip to Peru and Ecuador in 2015. Our travel dates were very limited and we wanted to visit the Galapagos, but many articles I found online say that one “needs” at least 7-10 days to do that. We had five. Yet after a bit of research and only minimal planning, we had a great time and saw quite a bit, and without any stress. I believe the key to a successful vacation, anywhere and of any length, is knowing yourself and following your heart . . . not the crowd.

Probably like many sites, Short Visits Travel quickly morphed into a more personal narrative, and now includes posts about my life in general: as an American expat in Germany, as part of a family, and as a free thinker. Think of these pages as short visits through my mind.

Luann Rouff

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Late Summer Drought
For my father After the eighteenth day I left the hose alone. Whether this decision rendered me Powerful or powerless
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